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HIST 162 Movement for Black Lives -- Professor Crosby: Research Tools

African American Magazines

Research Databases

Some of these databases have scholarly articles (secondary sources), while others have news articles that can be used as primary sources or secondary sources, depending on what you are researching.

To find books (both primary sources and secondary sources), use these research databases.

Selected Books from Milne's Collection

* A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States, edited by Herbert Aptheker This is a seven volume set; volumes 2 through 7 will be useful for this class. The topics are:

Volume 2 From the Reconstruction Era to 1910
Volume 3 From the Emergence of the N.A.A.C.P. to the Beginning of the New Deal
Volume 4 From the New Deal to the End of World War II (1933-1945)
Volume 5 From the End of the Second World War to the Korean War
Volume 6 From the Korean War to the Emergence of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Volume 7 From the Alabama Protests to the Death of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Upper Level E185 .A58

* Bearing Witness: Selections from African-American Autobiography in the Twentieth Century, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 1991. Upper Level. E185.96 .B35 1991

* We Ain't What We Ought to be: The Black Freedom Struggle, From Emancipation to Obama, by Stephen Tuck. 2010. Milne 4 Hour Reserves  E185 .T797 2010

Bracey, John H., Jr, ed. Black nationalism in America.

Broderick, Francis L. and August Meier, eds. Negro protest thought in the twentieth century.

Federal enforcement of school desegregation

Equal Opportunity in Suburbia. Uncatologed government document.

Decade of School Segregation.

Civil Rights USA: public schools, southern states.

Foner, Philip S., ed.Voice of Black America; major speeches by Negroes in the United States, 1797-1971.

Grant, Joanne, ed.Black protest: history, documents, and analyses, 1619 to the present.

Levy, Peter B., ed. Let freedom ring: a documentary history of the modern civil rights movement.

School desegregation: the courts and suburban migration.

Statement on metropolitan school desegregation.

Title V1 and school desegregation.

United States Commission on Civil Rights. Police and the Blacks; U.S. Civil Rights Commission Hearings.

United States Commission on Civil Rights. Racial Isolation in the Public Schools.