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Located across from the Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC) is Milne’s creative space, the Imaginarium.

This area contains a die-cut machine, die-cuts and materials for creating projects. It is open to all students, faculty and community members and is available whenever the library is open. The room also contains a table for creating lesson plans or working on projects.

What is provided in the Imaginarium?

What should you bring or buy at the Student Union Bookstore?

  • Construction paper
  • Poster board
  • Specialty paper
  • Felt/Foam
  • Markers and crayons

Sample die-cut lesson plans from Ellison Education:

Plains Habitat Diorama - Create fun habitat displays. "As students discuss energy needs of living things, they realize that all organisms in an environment interact with each other either directly or indirectly through a network of food chains known as a food web. Students review the roles of producers, consumers and decomposers and the order of energy flow within an ecosystem..."

I Have A Dream Poster - Create an "I Have a Dream" bulletin board to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


The Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC), located on Milne Library’s Lower Level, offers students a large collection of curriculum resources for preK-12 instruction, including textbooks, videos, puppets, audio and manipulatives, as well as an extensive selection of fiction and non-fiction books for juvenile and young adult readers.

TERC Hours and Assistance

The Teacher Education Resource Center is open during all hours main library is open.


Walk-in reference service for individual questions without appoinment is available. Please visit the service desk on the main floor and ask to see a librarian

Need more in-depth help? Schedule a Student Research Consultation with a subject specific reference librarian.

Visit the Lesson Planning and Education Resource Toolkit blog for additional information about the collection and Education resources in general.

List of Die-Cuts available in Milne Library

Sampling of die cuts available - for a full list click on the list below.

Subject Guide

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Education Research Resources

This guide has been created to help with lesson planning. If you need resources to help with education research, please visit the Education Research Library Guide.

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