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SOCL 381 Term Paper

Today's library session is focused on preparing you for your term paper research. This paper requires you to provide legal analysis of a specific gender law topic selected by you (must be approved by Dr. Kirk). You will need to research your legal issue from a variety of perspectives, including:

  • Substantiate all statements of fact and argument with evidence from at least 10 primary and secondary cited sources (including various kinds of law AND academic and media commentary).

  • Discuss historical and current legal issues, and implications for women and other minorities in light of social/economic/political outcomes (and extent of non-/compliance)

  • Incorporate diverse perspectives/dissenting opinions from legislative debate, case law and academic discussion

  • Analyze applicable constitutional, statute, treaty and case law (although for civil law countries the latter may be less significant, depending on the topic)

Examples of Primary and Secondary Sources

Examples of Primary Sources Examples of Secondary Sources

A primary source is a document that gives evidence of historical events or conditions, created at the time being studied, by someone with firsthand knowledge.

Government Documents, including Public Laws

Court Cases

Datasets and statistics




Original research articles


secondary source is a document or recording that relates or discusses information originally presented elsewhere.                                                                 

Works that analyze or interpret an event, issue, or law

Example: A blog entry about the state of gender pay inequality in the U.S.

Interpretations of datasets or statistics

Literature Reviews

Reviews of books, media, articles

Textbooks (also considered a tertiary source)


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