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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 302 Indian Rebellion 1857 -- Professor Samuels: Researching the History of India

Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

Research Advice

Remember that authors and databases may use different names to refer to the Rebellion of 1857. These are all phrases you should try when searching for materials:

Sepoy Mutiny
Sepoy Rebellion
Indian Mutiny
Great Rebellion
Revolt of 1857
Indian Insurrection
India's First War of Independence

Below are some of the Library of Congress' subject headings:

  • India -- History -- Sepoy Rebellion, 1857-58
  • India -- History -- Sepoy Rebellion, 1857-58 -- Personal narratives
  • British -- India -- History -- 19th Century
  • Delhi (India) -- History -- Siege, 1857
  • Kānpur (India) -- History -- Siege, 1857
  • Lucknow (India) -- History -- Siege, 1857

When searching for primary sources in IDS Search, try combining your topic with these search terms: 

oral history

Newspaper & Magazine Articles




While Milne Library does not have a database that provides online access to The Times of India for the 19th century, there are several options for obtaining articles from it. 

1. We can obtain reels of microfilm of the newspaper through our interlibrary loan system, IDS. To do so, click on this link, The Times of India, and click on GET IT. In the text box of the interlibrary loan form, write "I need the microfilm for The Times of India for May 1857 through June 1857," or whatever time period you need. The libraries that own the microfilm will send 1 or 2 reels at a time, but no usually more than that.

2. If you find out the exact date, page number, and title of an article from the Times of India (for instance, in a secondary source), you can request an electronic copy of it using IDS. Click on Information Delivery Services, log in to your account, and choose "Request a copy of an article from a journal or magazine." Manually fill out the information about the article and submit.

3. The closest libraries that have access to the Times of India online or in microfilm are: University of Rochester (585-275-4471) and the University at Buffalo (716-645-5114). If you have access to a car, call before you go to check on exactly how you can access the Times of India once you are on those campuses.

4. If you are a resident of New York State, you have access to the Times of India online via the New York Public Library. You need to go to this web page and follow the directions to register for a library card. (You may have to wait a week or so for the card to arrive in the mail.) When you have an NYPL library card, use the barcode and PIN to access ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Times of India.