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Milne Library SUNY Geneseo Subject Guides

HIST 302 Indian Rebellion 1857 -- Professor Samuels: Workshop, October 28

Annotated Bibliography Worksheet

Citation Tracking

Google Scholar

 Example: "Mutiny Narratives and the Imperial Feminine: European Women's Accounts of the Rebellion in India in 1857"

1. "'Satan Let Loose upon Earth': The Kanpur Massacres in India in the Revolt of 1857"

2. "Embodying War: British Women and Domestic Defilement in the Indian Mutiny 18578"

3. "'Their Faces Were like so Many of the Same Sort at Home': American Responses to the Indian Rebellion of 1857"

Researching Authors

Example: Penelope Tuson


Some names and places to research

Nana Sahib                                   Tatya Tope
Delhi                                              Meerut
Cawnpore (Kanpur)                      Lucknow
Bengal Native Infantry
                 Mangal Pandey
Bakht Khan                                   Bahadur Shah
Mirza Mughal                                Rani Lakshmibai
Begum Hazrat Mahal                   Birjis Qadr
Babu Kunwar Singh                    Lord Canning
George Anson                             Patrick Grant
Colin Campbell                           John Nicholson
Jung Bahadur Rana                    Gwalior Factions
Oudh                                             Drig Narayan Singh

Shahmal Tomar                           Rewari Chief Rao Tularam