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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

INTD 205: Business Communication (Professor Beabes): Library Instruction Session

Starting links

When the library section starts, please click on the link corresponding to your course time and answer the prompts. Then, download the Annotated Bibliography Document from the separate link below.

For the 1:00-2:15 section, go to

For the 2:30-3:45 section, go to

Your assignment

You will be writing an informative report, covering in full the topic you select. You need to cite at least 6 sources. At least 5 should be primary.

APA Citation Creation Machine and Rules

Writing Tips and Tool from UNC

Find Articles (Recommended Databases)

Use one or more of these databases to locate articles on a topic. 

Search strategies include:

Quotations marks (" ") will group words as a phrase, ensuring they appear next to each other in the record. For example: "Corporate Speak" or "constructive criticism."

An Asterisk (*) at the end of a term will allow you to search for different forms of a word with what you enter as a base.  For example: econ* will return results for economy, economic, economics, economist, economical, etc.

Check out our how to guide for even more search tips.

Contact your librarian