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COMN 275: Public Relations Writing - Professor Jasper: Library Session and Resources

Starting Activity: Click Here

Recommended Resources

Press Release Breakdown Activity

In groups of two, go over 2 articles and answer the following questions:

  • How did the news organization use the press release?
  • What do you think convinced the news organization to write the story?
  • What do you think the company was trying to achieve by putting out the press release?
    • Did it work?

If you have time, try to find the actual press release the article refers to, using the database or using google.

Graded Group Activity: Write a press release

  • In groups of 2, Pick a company off of the following list. Raise your hand and claim it and we will mark it off. First come first served!:
    • Apple Inc. (Smartphones and devices, etc.)
    • Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. (Consumer electronics)
    • Inc. (Online Retail)
    • Ltd. (Online Retail)
    • CostCo Wholesale Corp. (Wholesale Retail)
    • Whole Foods Market Inc. (Supermarket Chain)
    • Wynn Resorts Ltd. (Casinos)
    • Morgan Stanley (Investment Banking)
    • Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (Investment Banking)
    • Raytheon Co. (Defense)
    • Lockheed Martin Corp. (Defense)
    • The Boeing Corp. (Defense, Commercial Airlines)

Graded Group Activity: Rubric

The press release must:

  • Be about an issue that has an impact on your company.
  • Detail a hypothetical action the company is taking to address that issue (or why the issue is not a negative for the company)
  • Use at least one news source and one other source of data from the databases.
  • Be aimed at reassuring investors.

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