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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 162 History Matters/U.S.: BLM -- Professor Crosby: Library session, April 4th, 2019

Library Assignment

In groups of 4, use the provided link and explore the source. Your goal is to answer the following questions:

How usable is this source?

What is the quality of the information provided?

What types of resources are provided?

Which types of assignments would this be useful for?

Which specific classes have you taken (i.e. HIST ###) that this resource would have been useful for?

Click on the Google Doc link at the bottom to answer these questions.

Group 1 IDS Search -- look for primary sources (memoirs, autobiographies, oral histories)

Group 2 IDS Search -- look for secondary sources (books by historians and other scholars)

Group 3 America: History & Life -- look for articles by historians (secondary sources)

Group 4 Academic Search Complete -- look for recently published articles in magazines and journals

Group 5 InfoTrac Newsstand and Google Newspaper Archive -- look for newspaper articles published from 1960 to the present

Group 6 Readers' Guide Retrospective -- look for articles published in magazines throughout the 20th century

Group 7 Google  -- find online news media outlets

Group 8 HeinOnline -- find government documents and legal journal articles

Group 9 ARTstor and Google Images -- find visual arts or images (photographs, sculpture, paintings, graffiti, etc.)

Group 10 YouTube and Music Index -- find video or audio files of music and performances, and find articles about music and performances

Use this GoogleDoc to record what you find today.

Contact your course librarian

Your upcoming paper

Exploring and Learning More assignment -- Due April 16th

  • Approximately 3-4 page report, summary, analysis, and reflection.
  • In addition to your assigned sources, you will likely need to us 5-10 additional sources that you will find in your research process.
  • Include a bibliography using the Chicago Manual of Style, including assigned sources, sources through Google Drive and Diigo, and all additional sources you found.
  • See your syllabus for more detail.