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HUMN 220: Western Humanities 1 (Brubaker): Research Home Page

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Gender Roles Essay

Gender Roles
How do the selected sources from western civilization address the issue of gender roles? What are the expectations placed on men and women in these societies and how are those expectations reinforced? In the absence of obvious or written rules for gender behavior, how can we, looking back, glean what these expectations/rules might have been? Finally, how/do these sources reveal a degree of gender inequality? How so and from where does this inequality originate?

Each paper will focus on the primary sources discussed in class. These texts will form the core of the analysis, to be supplemented by no less than four scholarly secondary sources.

  • No blog, encyclopedia entries, or class references will be accepted.
  • At least two sources will come from research done outside of assigned class reading.
  • Paper length will be between 5-8 pages.

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