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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

INTD 325: Commercial Ideation (Brookstein): The Opportunity Canvas: Resources to Use for Specific Steps

1.) The Market Need

Other sources of use include blogs, YouTube videos, posts on reddit, and other social media sites where people either complain about pain points or articulate needs or ideal products.

4.) Competition

Company websites are often a perfect source of information for why they consider themselves great, and this can be used to intuit their specific advantage. Find a niche or beat them at their own game!

2.) Your Solution/Product

Use these resources to make sure you are not duplicating someone else's product, thus opening yourself up to patent trolls and lawsuits.

5: Value Propositions

3.) Customer Segments

7-9: The Rest

You're on you own for these, although Google and some excel accounting work will get you some answers on potential revenue streams. I'd also recommend actually contacting manufacturers to see if you can get a generalized quote.