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MATH 348: Oral Presentation and Research Seminar: The Library Assignment

The Assignment

  1. Select a topic
    1. Use the mathematics journals to guide you to a topic that you can research.
  2. Find 3 articles on that topic
  3. Save, print, or email the articles to yourself, or order them using IDS.
  4. Write down enough information so you know what the article contains and where to find it again.



Author: Joseph, Joseph

Article title: How to Math with your imaginary friend.

Journal title: Mathematical Review

Issue: 1, January

Pages: 335 - 367

Where did I put it?: Emailed to myself

What's in it?: Talks about doing math with imaginary numbers.

This is useful to me because?

In your syllabus:

    Each student is responsible for completing a project.  Your project will include research on a significant mathematical topic of your choice.  You must include reference to at least five resources, two of which must be non-internet resources, one of which must be an MAA Journal (The College Mathematics Journal, The American Mathematical Monthly, or Mathematics Magazine).  

So everything you do here will help you in completing your future project.

Useful Resources

MAA Journals: (The College Mathematics Journal, The American Mathematical Monthly, or Mathematics Magazine)

To find these resources, use the Journal finder: Go to the Milne Main Page > Click on the Journals and Media tab in GloCat+ > Select Title Equals > Type in the exact Journal Title > Look at dates and click on the most expansive.

Tips and Tricks

  • Finding a topic:
    • Use the journals to come up with topics. That way, when you select one you already have a usable article in hand.
  • Citation Browsing
    • When you have a topic (and an article), go to the citation sections of the article and search for any useful links. Several databases hyperlink their citations, so you can very easily find articles that are relevant to your topic.