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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

PLSC 140: International Politics (Kirk): Library Session: Research Skills and APA Citation

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Term Paper Requirements

Read the information in the canvas module thoroughly in order to get the full picture of what will be required of you for your term paper. Below are some specific requirements that will impact your research:

  • In the term paper, you will apply these theories to an objective, academic discussion of the policies and actions of all the principal parties involved in your selected issue. The issue, event or relationship may be ongoing or historical, but must have taken place within the past twenty-five years, and you must identify the timeframe. If the issue is over, discuss the outcomes. If the issue is ongoing, predict potential actions or outcomes.
  • Provide cited evidence for all information, obtained from a range of appropriate sources. Do not cite Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook,,, etc.
  • You must cite from at least three sources, including at least two not assigned in the class. Two articles from one source, such as two Economist articles or two United Nations reports, constitute one source only. To obtain a B or A grade for evidence, you must cite at least five or eight sources, respectively.

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