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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

PLSC 221 - Democratization - West: Home

Today's Class


Learning Objectives

Today we will be exploring resources to assist you with researching a country. 

By the end of today's session, you will:

  • establish criteria of academic information
  • evaluate different types of web-resources
  • practice using key library resources for political science

Evaluating Web-based Sources

Click on this link and record the name of your resource (and include a link) along with a review of the resource using the criteria we established during class and the guiding questions given to you.

Final Group Presentations

For your final presentation, you will work in groups of four to create a 10-minute visual presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc). The presentation should select an element of democratization that we focused on in class and analyze how that element poses a challenge in a country of your choice. You can use the paper “Reconnecting Europeanb Political Parties with European Union Citizens” as an example of the type of content to include in your presentation. The audience for your presentation is a nominal multilateral client such as IDEA, IFES, OAS, UNDP or World Bank. It should be structured with content similar to the following:
1. The selected topic, nominal client, and the executive summary of your presentation;
2. Summary of why the topic you have selected matters and why this fits the mission of the agency (advocacy);
3. Identify the problem and the range of policy options that may address the problem, with their pros and cons, supporting your claims by using evidence from the research literature, secondary sources and cases;
4. Summary of key recommendations and the next steps;
5. Endnotes: comprehensive list of literature and references used in the presentation.


Details about the final presentation will be available on Canvas and distributed in class.

Recommended resources

Contact your librarian