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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

PSYC 251 Online Tutorial: Home

This libguide contains the online tutorial for the PSYC 251 course

How to Start

Welcome to the PSYC 251 Online Tutorial!

Start this tutorial by viewing the visual presentation located in the right hand column. The video should equip you with all necessary directions and information to complete the PSYC 251 lesson.

Following are the different components to the lesson, each with its own video tutorial, hands-on activities, helpful tips and contact information for further assistance.

For a more comprehensive learning experience, follow the modules in order. However, they do not need to be completed in one sitting.


  1. Keywords  (24:51 minutes)
  2. PsycInfo  (19:24 minutes)
  3. Subject Headings (17:11 minutes)
  4. Accessing Full-Text  (17:01 minutes)

Tutorial Objectives

By the end of this lesson, students will:

Break apart a research topic into major concepts in order to formulate a search strategy

Brainstorm a number of different synonyms to represent various concepts

Use AND, OR, NOT effectively in their search strategies

Understand the difference between a subject heading and keyword search

Use thesauri to determine the correct subject headings for different databases

Apply these searching techniques to effectively perform searches in PsycINFO and other databases/search tools, no matter what the subject focus

Visual Presentation

Home: Introduction to the PSYC 251 Tutorial Video

If you experience slow response time with the following video, use this link (Right-click to download the video or left-click to view).

PRIMO distinction

We are pleased to have the PSYC 251 tutorial be recognized and added to the ALA/ACRL Instruction Section's Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online (PRIMO) database. PRIMO logo