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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 260: U.S. Women's History -- Professor Eddy: Library Session, March 10th


Your assignment: Research paper proposal

Your bibliography is required to contain a total of eight (2 primary and 6 secondary) sources. (You are welcome to exceed that number although I would prefer that you make good use of 8 than skimpy use of 12. Go for depth rather than breadth, in other words.) Full credit for this component means that you have completed a lit review (don’t hesitate to ask a research librarian for help!) and identified relevant texts.

Unless the text is seminal and therefore highly important, your secondary  sources should be recent (for our purposes, let’s let “recent” mean within the last 20 years or so). If you can’t find enough scholarly sources within that time frame, it would be a good idea to reconsider your topic. Second, your bibliography must adhere to the style format of your choice. That is, you are asked to use either Chicago or MLA format and to be consistent throughout your paper.

Contact your librarian