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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

INTD 105: Modern Age in America (Fall 2020): Incorporating evidence in my essay



* Before integrating the citations in your essay, you'll need to record them in a separate document. 

* Your citations will be collected from the essays of the anthology: The Best American Essays of the Century, Joyce Carol Oates, editor; Robert Atwan, coeditor (2000). This means that all your evidence will be collected from this book. 



* Now that you've learned about the Mapping Note Taking Method and how to do a in-text citation, is time to practice. 

* The following worksheet breaks down the steps to record your citations and reactions to those citations. 

* Use MLA Formatting Style to create your citations. OWL Purdue is an excellent reference source to learn about MLA Style. Explore it! 

* Once you fill out the worksheet, use it as reference when you begin to write your essay.