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Milne Library SUNY Geneseo Subject Guides

HIST 302 Hacking the Middle Ages -- Professor Yvonne Seale: Library Session, October 4, 2018

Stanley Slotkin's Pages Example -- Opera Omnia, Simonis Ulrici Pistoris, Hartmanni Pistoris

Practice: Opera Omnia, Hartmann Pistoris and Simon Pistoris, Ecclesiastical Law, 1678, Latin

Opera Omnia
Dn Hartmann Pistoris
Simonis Ulrici F Pistoris
Haeredum Frid Lanckisy
Ecclesiastical law
17th century Germany
Printing in Leipzig and Frankfort

Look for books, both primary and secondary, in IDS Search.

Look for articles written by historians and other scholars in Historical Abstracts, JSTOR, or Iter Bibliography.

Look for articles written by art scholars in The International Bibliography of Art, in The Bibliography of the History of Art, and in The Arts & Humanities Database.

Look for images in ARTstor.

Google is useful for getting ideas/fact-finding.