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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 413 Black Power and Structural Inequality in Post WWII US -- Professor Crosby: Library Session April 16, 2019

Research Tools

Research your topic using the databases below. Find 4 primary sources (including books that contain primary sources) before the end of today's class. Be ready to tell your classmates about what you found. 

1) Alternative Press Index Archive (articles from radical, left wing magazines published from 1969-1989)
2) Readers Guide Retrospective (articles from mainstream magazines published from 1890-1982)

3) Google Newspaper Archive (newspaper articles from around the country)
4) IDS Search (BOOKS)
5) New York Times Archive Search
6) The AFRO-American Newspapers
(Baltimore Afro American, 1943–2003; Washington Afro American 1938–1988)
Crisis  (Official publication of the NAACP; a journal of civil rights, history, politics, and culture)

Now search for articles about your topic written by historians in America: History & Life.

Government Documents

Each of these search tools can be used to find government documents.


IDS Search

GovInfo (mostly post 1976)

GPO Monthly Catalog (mostly pre-1976)


Primary Sources in IDS Search

IDS Search

narratives or sources or document* or memoir* or autobiography or "oral history" or interview*