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Education (Lesson Planning Resources): Media

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 This list includes videos for teachers and videos for students. 


    Boardmaker is an incredibly powerful, flexible software program that provides endless possibilities for creating communication displays and educational materials in minutes. This software contains over 3,000 Picture Communication Symbols in color and black & white, and is the basic library for getting you started with making a wide variety of professional-looking materials for home, classroom, or clinic. Boardmaker is recognized as a top tool for educators and speech and language pathologists for creating printed classroom materials such as schedules, worksheets, reading and writing activities, game and song boards, communication boards, books and more. (Boardmaker is installed on the computers near the TERC area).


    Inspiration belongs to a category of software known as mind or concept mapping, which is just a fancy way of saying ‘brainstorming.’ Although it’s primarily designed for students in grades 6 through 12, Inspiration 8 is useful to anyone who needs to plan and organize a project, whether it’s a thesis, a novel, a new product, or a business plan. (Inspiration is available for check-out in the TERC area call number - curr CX 371.3 SOFTWARE S153 I57 2006).


    Kidspiration, a product of Inspiration Software, Inc., is a concept-mapping program for elementary students. Originally developed for students in grades K-3, the software has been found to be appropriate for use with students in grades K-5. (Kidspiration is available for check-out in the TERC area call number - curr CX 371.3 SOFTWARE S153 K53 2005).


    Kidspiration in the classroom, Provides practical guidance for implementing Kidspiration and visual learning across the curriculum to improve achievement. (Available for check-out in the TERC area call number - curr CC 371.3 C43 2004).

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