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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

LGBTQ+ Studies: Find Books and Film

Resources supporting Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) Studies.


Brokeback Mountain  

Browse a list of LGBTQ themed films from our media collection.

Out of the Past - Online documentary of 400 Years of Lesbian & Gay History in America holds clips, biographical overviews, and time lines. To access content click links in the upper left corner titled: "Out of the Past | In the Present | The Film".

Stonewall Uprising - Online documentary of a major turning point in the modern gay civil rights movement.


Search GLOCAT+

Find Milne-owned books by performing a keyword search in GLOCAT+ the Library's catalog. A useful strategy would be to combine the words gay, lesbian, or homosexual, or their variants, with other relevant search terms on your topic.


  • The keyword search  for lesbians AND "Latin America"  Note that both search terms must appear in the records returned and putting quotes around Latin America searches it as a phrase.
  • Use the asterisk symbol to retrieve records for as many relevant titles as possible: Germany AND homosexual*  finds records for books with the words Germany and either homosexual, homosexuals, or homosexuality.

Browse lists of Milne's books/ebooks about:

Browse the Stacks

Browse the library stacks for books about homosexuality at or near call number HQ76, located on the upper level.

This call number range includes books about...

  • Bisexuality (HQ74)
  • History and development of gay culture (HQ76.25)
  • Gay Rights Movement (HQ76.8)
  • Transgenderism (HQ77).


Looking for LGBTQ themed titles?  The book lists below are a great place to browse.  Once you have a few titles in mind, search for them using IDS Search to see if we have them or order them through IDS.

Reference Books