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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 353 Age of the American Revolution --Professor Cathy Adams: What is History Research?

What is historiography?

Historiography is the study of the discipline of history.  In addition to learning about an historical event, historiography demands that you consider how interpretations of the event have changed over time.

Examples of Primary Sources

Diaries, Memoirs, and Autobiographies
Interviews and Oral history transcripts or tapes
Newspaper/Magazine Articles (written at the time studied)

Government Information

Research Help

If you need help with your history research, sign up for a one-on-one Student Research Consultation (SRC) with a reference librarian who can help guide you through your research project.

What is a Primary Source?

Below is a YouTube video from University of California-San Diego describing primary sources.

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