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Milne Library SUNY Geneseo Subject Guides

HIST 302 Technology and the Environment in the US -- Professor Kleiman: Help with Chicago/Turabian Citations

Practice 1 Footnotes and Bibliographies -- Journal Article, retrieved from a database in PDF form

Practice 2 Footnotes and Bibliographies -- Essay or Document in a Book






Tricky Turabian Footnotes and Bibliography Entries

     Citing a web page that quotes a primary source:            

Citing a web page with scanned image of a document from an archive:


Citing a web page with a scanned image of an unpublished letter from an archive:


Citing a web page with an interview:


If you do not have a date for the interview, or the name of the interviewer, simply leave them out. Likewise, if there is no "title" to the interview (i.e. “Texan Environmental Activist Diane Wilson: Why I Refuse to go Jail”) just put the word Interview after the name of the person being interviewed.


Citing Congressional Hearings:

Congressional Hearings are held to get the testimony of various experts on an issue of national importance. In the text of your paper, you should identify the name of the person giving testimony, and give some information about him or her, but the footnote and bibliography entry should be under the "author" of the hearings, which is the United States Congress.