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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 221 Indians in Early America -- Professor Michael Oberg: Selected Sources in Milne Library

Selected Sources in Milne Library

Selected Sources in Milne Library

The Iroquois Collection -- The Iroquois Collection is a set of microfilm reels that reproduce Iroquois documents, kept on the lower level of Milne Library. The Index to the Iroquois Collection, which you must use before you use the microfilm, is at the Circulation Desk, in the "General Reserves."


Early American Imprints (also known as Evans) -- This microcard collection, which is kept on the bottom floor of the library near the microfilm cabinets, reprints documents from early American history. The index to it, called the American Bibliography is located on a small bookshelf near the Early American Imprints.


Colonial Records of ....Various states -- Use IDS Search or WorldCat to find them. Use the subject heading "colonial period sources" and then the state name.


Narratives of Early American History -- This multi-volume series can be found use WorldCat or IDS Search, use the "series title" search.


Papers of the Continental Congress -- on microfilm on the lower level of Milne Library.  The Index to the Papers of the Continental Congress, which you have to use before you use the microfilm, is kept on the Reference shelves at ref J 10 A1 B87 (You can also see some of the the papers online at the Library of Congress Century of Lawmaking site.)