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Find Books, Journals, and Other Materials at Milne Library: Journal articles

Getting Started

The first step when finding articles is to select an appropriate database.  In research, a database is quite simply a collection of resources.  Most databases are organized by subject content and/or types of resources.

We have guides available here for most majors and minors here at SUNY Geneseo.  The optimal databases for that subject area will typically be listed under "Recommended Resources."  When it doubt, these resources are an excellent place to start.

If you're not sure which subject area is most appropriate for your topic, you may want to consider the "multidisciplinary databases" listed below as these tend to be good for several subjects.

Multidisciplinary Resources

Covering a broad range of subjects and topics for numerous disciplines, these resources are a good place to start your research.

Accessing Articles

After conducting your search you will have a list of results for your search.  Some of these results will be immediately available. For this article, all you would have to do is click on the Full Text, or Full-text - PDF link to read the article.

Some articles may not be available in that database.  This article for example does not have a Full Text link.  It is indexed here, simply telling us the article exists, we have to figure out where it is available.  To do this you can click on the "Get It" button.

Basic Searching

The databases you select may each have a different look or feel to them, but most will have similar search options.

Here are the default "Advanced Search" boxes for 2 of our databases

As you can see, both have 3 rows, and while the default "fields" are labelled differently, they both initiate a general search to help you get started. 

To find articles you can simply enter terms related to your topic on the top line.  This will sometimes be all you need, but if this doesn't seem to get you what you want there are more options available.  See "Searching Tips and Tricks" for "Search Strategy" help.

"Get It"

The "Get It" button allows you to find articles that are not in the database you are currently searching.  There are a few things that can happen when you click on the "Get it" button.

1. It brings you to the article you want. (Nice and simple!)

2. The article is in another database but does not immediately appear.

3. The article is available in Print.

4. The article is not available.

If your article falls into category #2, 3, or 4, you will get a screen that looks similar to this.

Step 1 lists the different locations this article can be found. 

If this happens, start by making sure the date of your article is covered where it says "Dates Available."  In this case we would have to decide if we want the article in Print or Online.  If you want an online copy, click on "Article."  If this doesn't work you will have to click on "Journal" and either browse for the appropriate Volume, Issue and Page Number, or "Search within this Publication" for the Title of your article.

Print Journals will either be shelved alphabetically on the lower level of the library (just outside of room 105).  Or they will be in closed storage in Fraser.  If it is in closed storage you will have to order to article through "IDS".  Clicking on "Journal" will tell you where it is located.

If nothing is listed under Step 1, that means we do not own the article and you will have to order it through IDS.  To do this simply click on Step 3.