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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 391 Politics of Food -- Professor Kleiman: Library Session February 29, 2016

Citation Tracking

Citation Tracking

Citation tracking refers to the practice of using the bibliography or reference list of a key article to find other suitable articles, and then to search for more recent articles that cite the key article in their bibliographies or reference lists. There are several databases that allow you to do this; Google Scholar and Scopus are particularly useful for citation tracking.

GoogleScholar            Scopus

1.  "Exclusivity of Agrifood Supply Chains: Seven Fundamental Economic Characteristics"

2. "Local Versus Organic: A Turn in Consumer Preferences and Willingness-to-pay"

3. "Food and Finance: The Financial Transformation of Agro-food Supply Chains"

4. "Why the Poor May Pay More for Food: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence"

5. "Does Organic Food Taste Better? A Claim Substantiation Approach"

6. "From `Wild Animal Stores' to Women's Sphere: Supermarkets and the Politics of Mass Consumption"

7. "Marketing Fun Foods: A Profile and Analysis of Supermarket Food Messages Targeted at Children"

8. "Calories for Sale: Food Marketing to Children in the Twenty-First Century"

9. "Food and Beverage Advertising to Children on U.S. Television: Did National Food Advertisers Respond?"

Proximity Searching

PROXIMITY SEARCHING   Sometimes when you are searching a database, you find articles that have your search terms, but on separate pages of the article, only vaguely related to each other. In that case, the technique of Proximity searching would be helpful.  Proximity searching allows you to search for documents that contain two search terms, in any order, within a specified number of words.  Here is an example:

This search will retrieve articles in which the word diabetes appears within 5 words of the phrase clinical trials, whether diabetes comes first or after clinical trials.