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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 301 African Environmental History -- Professor Lewis: Library Session, February 28, 2018

Research Practice

Use Historical Abstracts, Academic Search Complete, or Worldwide Political Science Abstracts to find 2 articles and use IDS Search to find 2 books on the topic you've decided to research (or that you have been assigned in class).

Use THIS GOOGLEDOC to record information about what you find.

Group 1: Use of Oral History or Oral Tradition in African Environmental History

Group 2: Human/environment Relationships

Group 3: Food Ways/Food production in Africa

Group 4: African memory and landscapes

Group 5: Colonialism and Environmental History

Group 6: Conservation in African history

Group 7: Pastoralism in Africa

Group 8: Sacred places and spaces

Group 9: Health, healing, and medicine

Group 10 Social justice and the environment