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PLSC 241 - Politics of Genocide - Heller: Library Session Links

Today's Class

Learning Objectives

Today we will be talking about the research process and finding resources for your Policy Memorandum assignment

By the end of today's session, you will:

  • Understand the steps in the research process
  • Apply those steps to Political Science research
  • Learn how to use Academic Search Complete and World Political Science Abstracts to find resources
  • Evaluate articles for utility

Today's Resources

Policy Memo Assignment Requirements

I. Introduction. Identify policy issue, choose your Secretary of State.

II. Problem Definition. Historical Context {Based on your previous research}; Evolutionary process {Choose from stages 5-8}; pick your date based on the stage in question.

III. Issue Analysis. Determine whether this should be characterized as a genocide or not {Look at CPCCG, Article II (a) - (e) & Article III; Use scholarly articles to augment your analysis; check "Elements of the Crime of Genocide by Prevent Genocide International (2018) and/or Rome statute.

IV. Conclusion. Briefly reiterate your problem definition and issue analysis. Make a recommendation.

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