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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

HIST 112 South Africa & the Anti-Apartheid Movement -- Professor Lewis: Library Session, September 12, 2018




Requirements: At least 4 secondary sources, including both books and articles. You will need 20 locations on your timeline, which means each will need at least one artifact for each timeline point.

Artifacts: Since this is a digital project, you will be able to include a wide variety of primary sources. This includes, but is not limited to, digitized photos (these can come from the Creative Commons or from copyrighted material, but if copyrighted, you must include a citation.) You can include URLs for videos or relevant websites.

Evaluating Sources

Group 1

"Functions and Failures of Transnational Activism: Discourses of Children’s Resistance and Repression in Global Anti-Apartheid Networks," by Emily Bridger

"The Legacy of Apartheid"

Group 2

"Remembering the Free Mandela/Free South Africa Movement," by Herbert Daughtry

"The Moral Foundations of British Anti-Apartheid Activism, 1946–1960," by Rob Skinner

Group 3

"The Meaning(s) of Solidarity: Narratives of Anti-Apartheid Activism," by Hakan Thorn

"In South Africa, Defectors Seek to Topple a Legacy," by Barry Bearak

Group 4

"The British Anti-Apartheid Movement and Political Prisoner Campaigns, 1973–1980," by Genevieve Klein

"South Africa Divestment," by Lauren Yelinek

Group 5

"The 1970s: The Anti-Apartheid Movement’s Difficult Decade," by Christabel Gurney

"The Underside of the A.N.C.," by Don Caldwell

Group 6

"The Anti-Apartheid Movement," by Andrew Flamang

"A South African Revolutionary, but a Lady of the British Empire’: Helen Joseph and the Anti-Apartheid Movement" by Barbara Caine

Group 7

"The Netherlands Against Apartheid, 1960s"

"Practices of Solidarity: Opposing Apartheid in the Centre of London," by Gavin Brown and Helen Yaffe

Group 8

"'A Great Cause': The Origins of the Anti-Apartheid Movement, June 1959-1960," by Christabel Gurney

"Nelson Madela and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, by Peter Hain

Group 9

"Anti-Apartheid Protests Spread Across the U.S.," by Mark A. Klein

"The South African Indian Experience as the Other," by Ravin Ramdass

Group 10

"Open Secrets, Off the Record: Audience, Intimate Knowledge, and the Crisis of the Post-Apartheid State," by Jon Soske

"Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives," by Jane Ronson

Group 11

"An Unconventional Challenge to Apartheid: The Ivorian Dialogue Diplomacy with South Africa, 1960–1978," by Abou B. Bamba

"Nelson Mandela: A Personal Reflection," by Herb Boyd

Group 12

"Anti-Apartheid Student Groups Hold 'Summit' with Officials in South Africa," by Linda Vergnani

"Ecological and Economic Change along the Middle Reaches of the Gambia River, 1945-1985," by James Webb

Group 13

"The Global Antiapartheid Movement: A Critical Analysis of Archives and Collections" by Peter Limb, Richard Knight, and Christine Root

"The Churches and the Anti-Apartheid Movement," by Dorothy McRae-McMahon

Group 14

"Five Ways Winnie Mandela Influenced the Lives of Women in South Africa," by Amanda Hawker

"South African People Power Since the Mid-1980s: Two Steps Forward, One Back," by Patrick Bond

Research Practice

Use Historical Abstracts to find 2 articles on the topic given to you in class. Use THIS GOOGLEDOC to record what you find.

Group 1:  ANC and political violence

Group 2:  Role of churches in the Anti-Apartheid movement

Group 3: Role of music in the Anti-Apartheid movement

Group 4: Role of the sports boycotts in the Anti-Apartheid movement

Group 5: Education of Blacks under Apartheid

Group 6: Role divestment played in destroying Apartheid

Group 7:  Anti-Apartheid activities in the US

Group 8:  Anti-Apartheid activities in the UK

Group 9: The activism that led to the Soweto uprising

Group 10: Women's role in the resistance

Group 11: Coloured or Asians responses to Apartheid

Group 12: Role of Afrikaner Broederbond in the rise of nationalism in South Africa

Group 13: Truth and Reconciliation Commission's investigation of human rights violations

Group 14: Economics of post-Apartheid

After you find 2 articles, use IDS Search to find 2 books on the topic given to you in class.