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INTD 105: Theatre as Therapy for Veterans


You are writing a paper on the topic of veterans living with PTSD and how theatre arts work as a therapeutic tool to help them cope and to heal. You will need to be able to find scholarly and peer reviewed materials for use in your specific topic.

Class Objectives

Welcome to Milne Library! By the conclusion of today's session, you will ...

  1. ...demonstrate an understanding of where to access materials through databases or the library catalog via the Milne website.
  2. capable of searching for information in multidisciplinary and/or subject-specific databases.
  3. able to request items through IDS.
  4. ...distinguish between scholarly and non-scholarly sources, and identify when a source is peer reviewed.
  5. ...identify when you need to credit ideas that are not your own.
  6. ...demonstrate an understanding of where to access materials for citation.