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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

INTD 105 The Modern Age in America: Finding Articles

Recommended Resources: Literature

Literary criticism is the term given to studies that define, classify, analyze, interpret, and evaluate works of literature. There are many types of literary criticism: some examples include historical criticism, textual criticism, feminist criticism, and formalist criticism. Literary criticism may examine a particular literary work or it may look at an author's writings as a whole.

Mulltidisciplinary Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Multidisciplinary databases contain resources from a variety of different academic subjects, often including Arts,Humanities, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences. While these are excellent for use of topics that cross over two or more disciplines, take care with analyzing the materials you discover as there are magazine, newspaper, and trade publications included with scholarly articles.

Recommended Databases: Psychology

Recommended Resources: History

Use these databases to search for scholarly history journal articles (secondary sources).