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SUNY Geneseo Fraser Hall Library Subject Guides

PLSC 110 - American Politics - Green: Having Trouble Finding Sources?

Searching Outside the Box

Finding local newspapers in databases

  1. Use the 50 states link to find the names of local newspapers
  2. Go into the library homepage, click on the "QuickSearch" tab, and select "Journals"
  3. Type in the full name of the publication you want to get articles from
  4. If we have access through a database, the publication will pop up on the list and you will be able to search within it for articles through the database.
  5. If it doesn't come up, you may have to resort to googling article titles and then ordering them via IDS.

First Year Experience Librarian/Liaison to Communication, Geography, Languages & Literatures, & Political Science & International Relations

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Sherry Larson-Rhodes
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