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Welcome to the library guide for CURR 313 Classroom Reading & Literature Programs. This guide will provide you with resources to complete your Book Trailer and other Assignments.

Go, Daniel. "Read." 25 Jan 2011. Online image. Flickr. 24 Jan 2012. 

Copyright Workshop Links

The first six websites contain information about copyright, fair use, and the public domain. The next three sites will give you information about creative commons (CC) and how to find CC material. The last links are items used during the lesson.

What are Book Trailers?

Book Trailers are similar to movie trailers, they give you a glimpse into what the book is about and are meant to pique your interest.

Why are book trailers so popular? Read the following article for more information -  Screening Your Reads

Creating Book Trailers

Contact Steve Dresbach for help on creating your trailer

Quick Tips to creating your Book Trailer

1. Choose your book
2. Make a storyboard of your movie
3. Gather your images
4. Pick your music
5. Choose your technology (PowerPoint, iMovie, etc.)
6. Add your images, then your text
7. Add music
8. Review and revise

Web Sites for creating a Book Trailer

Book Trailers for Readers

How to Make a Book Trailer

Use Proshow Producer to create a slideshow quickguide

Ken O'Brien video, shows you how to create a photo slideshow in iMove.

Fair Use

  • Fair Use affords the Public the right to to use portions of copyrighted materials in some circumstances-- usually for comment, criticism or parody--freely and without permission of the copyright holder.
  • Fair use of an image means that you still need to cite the source!  
  • Fair use law is somewhat vague and subjective, and cases are decided in a court of law on an individual basis.
  • Educational fair use is not specifically outlined in Copyright Law, but guidelines have been developed that provide educational institutions with some direction. See Educational Fair Use Guidelines for Digital Images.

Credit to Jill Markgraf

Subject Guide

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Identify reading difficulty levels and interest/audience levels of books