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Film Studies

Recommended information resources for the interdisciplinary study of the history, aesthetics, and cultural position of film.

Where to start your Film Studies research...

Welcome to the Film Studies Library Guide!
This library guide is a start to research in film studies, organized by four main categories:

  1. Finding Scholarly Articles and Film Reviews
    • Look for scholarly articles, film criticism, analyses and other secondary source materials on film history, aesthetics, theory and performance
    • Search for film and movie reviews from popular press, trade magazines and newspapers
  2. Finding Books and Media
    • Search for books, DVDs, CDs, digital files and more using our library catalog
    • Find materials from libraries all over the world
    • Search Google Books for full-text materials online
    • Tell us what books we are missing on the topic of Film Studies!
  3. Finding Web Sites
    • Use this page to help you get started on the web
  4. Finding Primary Sources
    • Doing research in Film Studies and need a primary source for your paper? 
    • Resources such as archival and manuscript collections, film libraries and other resources that can help you start the process
    • Examples of primary sources include manuscripts, diaries, letters, first-hand accounts or documentary sources on a subject, person, event or issue


Film News

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