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Finding Articles Efficiently: Databases Defined

Is the introductory workshop into the Ruby certificate and is one of the required workshops to complete the certificate.

Workshop Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify which database(s) is best for their research projects
  • Explore basic search strategies to help them use databases
  • Find and critically evaluate sources for their research

Database tutorials

There are many great tutorials available on the use of databases. I have listed just a few of these resources below.

Databases Defined

What is a database?

"Databases are designed to offer an organized mechanism for storing, managing and retrieving information. They do so through the use of tables." -

What are the different elements of a database?

  • Fields/columns- "A part of a record used for a particular category of data. For instance, the title (ti) field displays the title for each record in the database. Some of the other fields names are author (au), journal (jn) and abstract (ab)."- Cornell University Library

  • Records/rows - "A collection of related data, arranged in fields and treated as a unit. The data for each article in an online database makes up a record." - Cornell University Library

  • Tables - "A table in a relational database is a predefined format of records/rows and fields/columns that define an entity." -

What are some examples of databases?database

Subject Guide

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