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Food for Thought

Comic: I Blame Society

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Comic: Difference between Biology & Sociology

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Comic: The world is unjust until you're at the top.

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Tips for State Profile

I have some suggestions for you to complete your State Profile Worksheet. At a first glance, the assignment is deceptively simple -- however, its complex and it requires you to dig deeper and apply a variety of search strategies. As I have worked with Dr. Kirk for several semesters, I have the following advice for you:

  • Carefully read the assignment directions
  • Give yourself at least 5 days to complete the assignment; remember, its not just finding sources, but also about properly citing them
  • If you cannot find a quantitative (numerical) answer, then think about how you can form a qualitative response
  • Always try to find responses on .gov websites first; both at federal and local levels
  • Always pay attention to who (mostly organizations) are publishing the data you use

If you need help either locating or citing sources, consider:

  • Visiting a research librarian in Milne 105, the Research Instruction Services office, between 10am-6pm, Mon.–Thurs.
  • Scheduling a research consultation with library interns Brianne ( and Emma (

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