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The purpose if this guide is to provide you with the best starting places for starting your Country Profile Worksheet and Issue Brief in SOCL 105. 

Tips for the Country Profile Worksheet

I have some suggestions for you to complete your State Profile Worksheet. At a first glance, the assignment is deceptively simple -- however, its complex and it requires you to dig deeper and apply a variety of search strategies. As I have worked with Dr. Kirk for several semesters, I have the following advice for you:

  • Carefully read the assignment directions
  • Give yourself at least 5 days to complete the assignment; remember, its not just finding sources, but also about properly citing them
  • If you cannot find a quantitative (numerical) answer, then think about how you can form a qualitative response
  • Always try to find responses on .gov websites first; both at federal and local levels
  • Always pay attention to who (mostly organizations) are publishing the data you use

If you need help either locating or citing sources, consider:

  • Visiting a research librarian in Milne 105, the Research Instruction Services office, between 10am-6pm, Mon.–Thurs.
  • Scheduling a research consultation with library interns Brianne and Emma

Evaluate the Information You Find

Need Assistance?

Library Interns Emma and Brianne are available to help answer your questions about the Country Profile Worksheet. They may assist you with finding information (you must demonstrate that you have tried to find an answer) and with your data citations.



They will be holding special office hours for SOCL 105, which will be updated here.