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HIST 440 Golden Age of Athens - Professor Williams: Researching Athens

Archaic Greece

Some advice on using L'Annee Philologique

L'annee Philologique is an 86 volume index to articles by scholars writing about classical antiquity in many languages, including English. Some of the section headings and directional advice in the volumes are in French, others are in Latin. A French dictionary or a Latin dictionary may be helpful.


The citations are separated into sections such as:

Each volume also has multiple indexes at the back, such as: 

(used when looking up the names of ancient Greeks, for instance)

(used when looking up places)

(used when looking up the names of scholars)

Look your topic up alphabetically in one of the indexes at the back of the volume. This example shows the list for Solon in the Index Nominvm Antiqvorvm:

Each number listed under Solon leads to a full citation in the volume. To find out if the articles are in English, and if they are useful for your research, you have to find the entry for it using the item numbers.

Flip through the volume until you see the number 11313. (Don't be confused -- the number of the volume you are using, in this case 71, precedes the number of the citation.) In this example, item number 71-11313 is in English:


Notice that the title of the journal is abbreviated ClAnt. You have to look up the abbreviation ClAnt in the beginning of the volume. Here you see that ClAnt stands for Classical Antiquity:


Now that you know the title of the article, the author of the article, the journal name, the volume, issue, year, and pages numbers, all you have to do it request it via our interlibrary loan service, IDS.